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Tuesday, October 14

Fall Makeup Look of the Day: Dark Vampy Lips

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I created this daring and bold makeup look as an ode to Fall. You can definitely tell that fall is here despite the fact that I'm not quite certain I'm ready for Summer to go away....It's getting nippier outside.... The leaves are starting to change color.... And all those pesky mosquitoes have gone away. The best thing about Fall besides no mosquitoes is that you get to rock darker makeup looks.

For this look, because I have such a dark lip I tried to balance it out by keeping my face as nude as possible. I created this look in under 15 minutes. (Most products used are pictured below.)

  1. I started by applying Midnight Velvet m.Vie Concealer in Ivory under my eyes to help conceal those dark under eye bags.
  2. With my m.Vie mini kabuki brush, I applied Midnight Velvet m.Vie Pressed Powder Mineral Foundation in Twany all over my face to help conceal dark spots and to also set the concealer.
  3. I dabbed a little bit of VS Pro Victoria's Secret Magic FX Radiant Flash Brightening Cream on my cheekbones, chin, cupid's bow, forehead, brow bone and down the bridge of my nose for an extra glow.
  4. To my cheeks I applied Midnight Velvet blush in Maple Leaf. 
My Makeup LookEYES
  1. I filled my eyebrows with Smashbox brow powder in Taupe/Soft Brown from the Smashbox Brow tech line.
  2. I lined my upper lash line with a tiny flick with Laura Mercier Eyeliner Pencil in Stone Grey so that it gives a soft, romantic look. Not too dark.
  3. I finished off the eyes with some Urban Decay Perversion mascara on both the top and bottom lashes to open my eyes up.
  1. My lips were completely lined with Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Coffee bean.
  2. To add definition to my pout I topped it all off with Laura Mercier Lipstick in Muse

What do you think of this look? Will you try to recreate it? Send me your recreations to or my social media and I'll share them in my weekly newsletter and on my social media.

Monday, October 13

Top 10 Hottest Women's Costumes Ideas

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I love Halloween. I mean what other holiday gives you an excuse to dress up in your sluttiest outfit without being judged, pull pranks on others and get rewarded with chocolates??? Even so, Halloween and I have a love-hate relationship. It all started in my childhood....

*cue smokey fog and creepy flashback music*

As a child there were many holidays when I was a ghost. (So many, I can't even count. )You know, the classic homemade costume that consisted of an old raggedy bed sheet in which someone strategically cut two holes in it so that, in theory, the wearer could see where they were going. Haha--the joke is on you wearer... you can't see shit!

I remember one particular holiday where my parents took me and my sisters to the mall to trick or treat. I encountered a very realistic looking Freddy Kreuger and nearly tripped and busted my head in that darn costume as I tried to get the hell outta there!

*Thanks creators of Nightmare on Elm Street-- I almost died that night*

*Oh yeah, and I couldn't sleep for months either*

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My parents sure did get a heck of a good laugh as they tried to coax me to get my candy from him. The fucked up part of that year was that that dude kept reappearing over and over again. Boo Nightmare on Elm Street. Boo! Why did you have to inspire the most popular costume that year?

Fast forward to my college years and I was determined to get a proper costume. I waltz in a store in the Grove (Coconut Grove, FL) and shell out $100 smackaroos for a Playboy school girl costume--not knowing that the same exact costume was on Amazon for a mere $50. As a starving college student that was a lot of dough I could have saved for one Biology textbook or something else-- like a truckload of ramen noodles.
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My exact costume from Playboy

Anywho, on Halloween night I thought I was going to be the sexiest, sluttiest thang out there. Little did I know that just as I was walking out the door I was about to be outdone by the cheapest and most skin revealing costumes by girls that lived in a nearby dorm.

These chicks, I kid you not, walked out in their bras and panties. I'm guessing they were dressing up as Victoria's Secret models sans the wings that year.  *rolls eyes* Please, I beg you do not go out in your bra and panties. You are not a Victoria's Secret Model. At least make a better DIY Costume than that. If you just don't have the time to make your own costume or if you're like me and you're just too lazy to make your own costume then shop around for the best costumes online. Don't be like me and buy the first cute costume you see. (I have found that Amazon not only has the best selection and best prices around but also the most trustworthy reviews--outside of bloggers of course. And if you are unsatisfied with your purchase they have the best refund policy!)

Moo and I don't usually go out for Halloween. He's not really into the whole dress up thing. He has only ever dressed up twice for Halloween. The first time he had a homemade Rambo costume. Poor kid got egged by much older teenagers. And yeah, these weren't fresh eggs--those guys allowed those eggs to go rancid for a few weeks before they went on their egging rampage. Needless to say poor Moo was scarred for life.

But if I were going to dress up for Halloween this year this list epitomizes exactly what I would be wearing. This list is not for the modest and prude. If you are, you should just stop your costume search right now and click the image below to purchase the Green M&Ms costume. It's only $27 and you'll keep your goodies hidden.
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Otherwise, for great costume ideas scroll down to see my top sexiest Halloween costumes for 2014.

1. The Geisha

I have always wanted to dress up as a Geisha. A geisha is what the Japanese call the courtesans aka prostitutes of their culture.  Geisha are very beautiful and spend years learning how to dress, apply makeup, dance, walk and entertain their customers. To play up this costume add a jet black wig adorned with chopsticks. Apply white makeup or face paint with red lips and cheeks and for extra flair carry a fan.
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2. Police Officer / Law Enforcement

Live out your fantasy of being in law enforcement in this classic costume. Play it up with a set of handcuffs, aviator sunglasses and a baton.

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3. Movie Character - Jessica Rabbit

If you're an 80s/90s baby you know exactly who Jessica Rabbit is. She's the sultry and sexy songstress who just so happens to be married to Roger Rabbit in the popular late 80s movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Ever since I saw that movie I have always wanted to dress up as Jessica Rabbit. To make this look complete simply buy long purple gloves and a long red wig.
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4. Minnie Mouse / Disney

Ever since I saw the Mickey Mouse costume below I have been going Gaga. I want that costume so bad! The fuzzy foot covers, the cute ears. I must have it! The Princess Jasmine costume below is also extra sexy too.

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5. Nautical

Sailors will drool all over you in this outfit. No other accessories needed.
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6. The Catsuit

You really can't go wrong in a catsuit. Unfortunately this outfit can be very unforgiving for the pleasantly plump like myself. But if you've got the body to rock this I sure would. Keep in mind that you might want to forego panties in this outfit because there will most certainly be a panty line.

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7. Schoolgirl
Just add stripper high heels and a book or two. Then pull your hair into two pigtails ala Britney Spears style via Baby One More Time

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8. Nurse
What guy doesn't want to be nursed back to health by a hot and sexy Nurse. Bring a stethoscope and opaque white tights!

9. Playboy bunny
You may not be able to go to the Playboy Mansion but at least you can look like you belong there. I prefer the costumes with a fuzzy tail in the back.
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10. French Maid
I don't know why but guys sure do love a woman that is cleaning while dressed sexy. Beyonce taught us that. Anywho, you can step your game up by walking around with a feather duster. And when the night is over you can still use that duster to dust your house. See, the costume isn't a total waste of money!
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What costumes should be in this list? What are you going to be for Halloween? If you're not dressing up, how come? What are your weirdest Halloween memories?

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