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Thursday, September 18

My 5 Handbag Must Haves for Fall


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Have you ever gone to a public bathroom and just as you're in dispose you realize there's no freakin' toilet paper in your stall?
Or have you been at the post office and there's a super long wrap-around-the-building kind of line and yet there are no pens and you just so happen to have a package that you still need to write the address on?

Oh yeah, these scenarios have happened to me wayyyyyy too many times. For life's little "what if" moments I have learned that there are certain things you MUST carry everywhere. That's why now I carry everythang... (Yes, I meant "everythang") except for the gosh darn kitchen sink in my purse.

But every once in awhile I have to do some purse cleaning. You know,... throw out old receipts, expired coupons that I never got to use and anything else that has found its way into the abyss I call my purse. Don't judge me. You know you have some junk in your purse too. A change in seasons is a perfect time to reevaluate your purse musties and switch up purses.

During autumn I use my beloved louie the purse my boyfriend, Moo, got me for a past birthday. It is smaller than my summer bag which is basically a $40 baggu bag but still large enough to carry all my musties. I use my baggu bag during the summer because its nautical stripes are so summery and I love that I can convert it to a crossbody then shoulder bag and then tote. Plus I can fit all my beachy accessories in it too.

Shall we see what's inside my purse to prepare me for the fall season?

Yes, yes we shall. Let's start the countdown to my top 5 most necessary, have-to-have, can't-live-without accessories in my bag....

goody hair bows, hair ties, hair elastics, hair barrette, rubber band, no metal
5. Hair Ties
I always carry extra hair bows and hair pins to keep my hair in check. I always get Goodys Ouchless Elastics and coated hair pins from Walmart. Walmart always has these for less than $5 bucks.
maybelline baby lips lip balm, lip gloss hybrid, cheap lip balm, drugstore lip balm
Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm $2.97 at Walmart

4. Lip Balm 

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie it is absolutely necessary to have an "emergency kit" for makeup touchups and what not. A must for every beauty junkie is lip balm. Right now I am currently loving Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. It smells nice and keeps my lips moisturized while giving my lips a nice sheen. You can actually pick this gem up at your local Walmart for just $2.97. Plus, Walmart has the Electro and Medicated lines as well.


3. Hand Sanitizer
Can you tell I'm a slight germa-phob by the inclusion of sanitizer on my list? I take hand sanitizer wherever I go. Do you know how many people do NOT wash their hands after sneezing or coughing or even using the bathroom? So yes, to keep colds and germs at bay I sanitize, sanitize, sanitize!

Just between you and me, I pick up a huge bottle of hand sanitizer from Walmart for less than $10 bucks and I refill old portable Bath & Body Works portables with the generic sanitizer. Shhh.... no one has to know that it's not really Warm Vanilla Sugar scented hand sanitizer in my handy dandy Warm Vanilla Sugar branded sanitizer bottle! Lol.

Don't act like you didn't think about doing it too!


u by kotex click tampons, sleek, plastic applicator, u by kotex coupon, u by kotex walmart, free kleenex
U by Kotex Click Tampons in Regular 36 ct - $7.47 at Walmart

2. Tampons

I ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS keep extra tampons in my purse. You never know when your period comes a couple days early or when a coworker will need a spare. I have always hated how inconvenient tampons can be in your bag. They can be quite long and quite conspicuous. I mean who wants to parade around letting everyone know that Aunt Flow is in town?

And don't even get me going on the packaging. I have lost a many a tampon due to packaging that tore because it couldn't handle the daily hustle and bustle of being in my bag. What a pity to see those wasted tampons going in the garbage! Money down the drain.

That's why when these U by Kotex click tampons came out I just had to snag myself a box! The tampons are expandable so they're more discreet giving you the privacy you want and deserve. And because they're smaller than normal tampons--about half the size--they can fit nearly anywhere, even a small wristlet. When you need them just pull and click and you're good to go.

Plus these have a smooth applicator for easy and smooth insertion. I can not express how much I hate, Hate, HATE cardboard applicators. Not only can they be a pain to insert but also they absorb moisture quickly which can lead to a useless tampon. That is why I always purchase tampons with a disposable plastic applicator. These fit the bill plus they are specially designed to expand and conform to your unique body shape. Plus they're unscented.

I also love the packaging these are wrapped in. It's definitely more durable than regular packaging and I love the distinct colors.

The click tampons come 32 in a pack and are available at Walmart supercenters nationwide for just $7.47. Talk about value. U by Kotex also has pads for all you pad lovers out there. The great thing about these packages is that for a limited time they also come with a FREE slim pack of Kleenex!

free with u by kotex purchase, kleenex, slim pack, tissues
Kleenex Slim Pack 10 ct

Remember the scenario about the missing toilet paper I mentioned before? Raise your hand if this has happened to you. Don't be shy. Look we've all had this experience at least once. This slim pack fits everywhere and is extremely convenient. The tissues are all protected in super durable packaging so they're clean and dry for whatever mishaps you encounter. Each slim pack contains 10 thick and absorbent tissues so whether it's a towel-less bathroom, a sudden onset of snotty sneezes or you need to dispose of some gum these adorably convenient Kleenex slim packs have you covered!

Want to try the new U by Kotex click tampons and Kleenex Slim Packs for yourself? Well you're in luck baby doll! Walmart is carrying buy one get one free packs for a limited time! When you buy specially marked U by Kotex tampons and pads you score a Kleenex slim pack as well! Plus, Kimberly Clark is offering a coupon just for my readers so you can try them for yourself!  The more you share these coupons with your friends the greater the value of your coupon so claim your free coupons now and get to sharing pretty gurl!

What are 5 of your Handbag Essentials for Fall? Already snagged a box of U by Kotex? What is your experience with the U by Kotex line and/or Kleenex slim packs? What mishaps have they saved your from?

Thanks to U by Kotex and Walmart for sponsoring this story.

Friday, September 12

Tips & Tricks to Protect Your Data When Upgrading to IOS 8 or IPhone6

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iOS 8 Say Goodbye to Your Data: Or Follow These Simple Steps
Created by Wondershare
Lillian, from Wondershare, sent me this truly helpful infographic about the potential to lose your data when upgrading your Apple device. If you have an IPhone 4, you might seriously consider getting the IPhone 6 since your device can not and will not allow you to download the new operating system. Apple sure knows how to keep the revenue flowing......*insert side eye here*
The infographic also gives you sure fire ways of deleting data from your prior phone. I like option number 3. *winks* We sure wouldn't want another "celebgate" to happen would we? I know you guilty sexters are reading this.....
In any case I would love to hear your thoughts about the requirements to upgrade to IOS8 and your thoughts about the release of IPhone 6 on the 17th of September. Who's waiting on line for this? If you thought this was helpful I would love it if you would share it via the links below.

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