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Wednesday, July 16

Argand'Or Argan Oil Body Lotion & 100% Pure Hand Pressed Argan Oil Review

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Argand'Or Argan Oil Body Lotion 5.1 fl oz $37.50 & Argand'Or 100% Pure Argan Oil 0.68 fl oz $19.00
I am in love with Argan Oil. This miracle oil is also known as liquid gold or Moroccan Oil.  I have been using a hair product that is infused with Moroccan Oil for awhile now whenever I straighten my hair. 

It has made a huge difference in my press-- my hair is sleeker and stays straighter longer.  What I didn't know about this product (and many other products out there like it) is that it actually has very little actual Argan oil in it. Rather it is chock full of silicones and other additives that dilute the product because Argan oil is a rare and expensive oil. If that small amount works wonders for my hair, imagine using pure unadulterated Argan Oil instead.

Tuesday, June 17

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