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Friday, September 12

Tips & Tricks to Protect Your Data When Upgrading to IOS 8 or IPhone6

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iOS 8 Say Goodbye to Your Data: Or Follow These Simple Steps
Created by Wondershare
Lillian, from Wondershare, sent me this truly helpful infographic about the potential to lose your data when upgrading your Apple device. If you have an IPhone 4, you might seriously consider getting the IPhone 6 since your device can not and will not allow you to download the new operating system. Apple sure knows how to keep the revenue flowing......*insert side eye here*
The infographic also gives you sure fire ways of deleting data from your prior phone. I like option number 3. *winks* We sure wouldn't want another "celebgate" to happen would we? I know you guilty sexters are reading this.....
In any case I would love to hear your thoughts about the requirements to upgrade to IOS8 and your thoughts about the release of IPhone 6 on the 17th of September. Who's waiting on line for this? If you thought this was helpful I would love it if you would share it via the links below.

Tuesday, September 2

Does Corporate America Despise Natural Hair?

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I happen to work for a very large corporation and have worked with this particular company for many years. For obvious reasons, I will not mention the name of my employer... and don't even try to look on my linkedin profile or my facebook cuz it's not there either!

Nosey!!!....:P :P :P

Before I started working for this company I had very long mid back length hair. It took a long time to grow my hair... about 3 years of hard work and I only straightened my hair to check my growth. My hair was lush and long and made all the boys stare. If you don't believe me here's a pic of my hair while I was attending my beloved University of Miami in one of the tees they gave us so that we could provide them free advertising...

Fast forward to 2014 and my hair is a short brittle mess. A victim of constant straightening to please my bosses. When I was first hired no one ever mentioned that my hair might be a "problem" but the constant badgering that my hair is unpresentable over the years makes me think otherwise.

For instance just a little while ago I showed up to work with my hair pulled into a big poufy ponytail. My natural hair was in its kinky coily glory. So basically my ass had the audacity to step into work like this (please excuse the no makeup look I got going on in this pic):

 (Usually when I go to work I straighten it just to make the boss happy. I wear it in the "corporate approved" bob sans crazy or "distractive" coloring--sometimes adorned with an appropriate headpiece such as a headband.) So yeah, it usually looks more like this...

 But that day, that particular day my black ass stepped in with the other hairstyle. I hadn't been to work 2 minutes before I was scooped into the office for an informal "meeting". In this meeting I was told that my hairstyle was inappropriate for work. That this is a professional setting and that my hairstyle was unprofessional. What would the white clients think of my hair? I walked out with a write-up. Oh happy joy, joy.

I know what you're thinking. Is my boss white? Well, actually, no, no she isn't. She is of Caribbean descent and has been blessed with so called "Good Hair". Yes, the I got Indian in my blood kinda hair--- the Spanish Wavy weave texture kinda hair---the I need very low heat to straighten my hair kinda hair.... you get the point right? She doesn't know the struggles of a 4B/4C kinda girl.

 But sadly, this isn't the first time I've encountered this sort of treatment when I try to rock my 4B/4C natural hair instead of subjecting it to cruel heat--I've also had an African American boss whose hair was always relaxed and she was a devotee of the high-heat-loving Dominican Salons. She had told me in a prior conversation that I wouldn't go far in this company if I didn't straighten my hair. 

The problem is I love my big poufy natural hair. I love flaunting it in its kinky, curly, unruly state. Sure, we get into fights sometimes--like whenever I wash her sometimes she likes to surprise me with a fist full of tangles--but I still love her and I don't want to change her.

To be more compliant I've tried using braids but even braids are borderline unacceptable. So each and every week I must subject my hair to harsh treatments just to "fit in". Before I started this corporate job almost 6 years ago I had long envious hair. Now with the constant torture I subject my hair to it has fallen out, broken off and remains steadily at just barely grazing my shoulders.  My boss' boss who I hadn't seen in awhile recently remarked that my straight bob hair looks nice, did I cut it?

No Corporate America did.

Do you think Corporate America despises natural hair? Does your employer embrace your curly hair texture? What difficulties have you encountered trying to rock your natural hair at work?
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XOXO, Dianna

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